Chrissy Teigen's Holiday Photos Show Off Her Kids' "Different Personalities"

Chrissy Teigen recently shared a handful of holiday photos that will make pretty much any parent say "yup." In an Instagram post featuring 4-year-old Luna and 2-year-old Miles, Chrissy explained how the collection of images represents how vastly different her two adorable kiddos are from each other.

"I love these so much because the pics completely encompass their different personalities," she captioned the series of photos. "Luna wanting to be perfect and miles solely caring about cars while holding cars yelling about cars."

Chrissy shared another gallery of festive pics with the caption "merry merry!" and yes, those smiles could melt just about anyone! Read ahead on Instagram to get a look at Miles's adorable Elmo sweater and incredibly relatable reaction to being photographed.