Chrissy Teigen Captures Luna Getting the Chills in Target's Refrigerator Aisle, and It's Too Cute For Words

People love shopping at Target. They love preparing to shop at Target, chatting about an upcoming haul with friends on social, and getting lost in the $1 section. There are a thousand and one memes about people who head to Target to buy only toilet paper and end up with a cart full of stuff. Mom-of-two Chrissy Teigien evidently has not been spared from the forces of the bullseye.

In a hilarious Instagram post, Chrissy snaps a photo of cute little Luna, practically buried in a shopping cart filled with snacks and looking a little less than thrilled about mom's time management. "Spent 3 hours in target yesterday" Chrissy captioned the photo. But before you shout "been there," take a closer look at Luna, who, Ritz crackers in hand, is clearly getting the chills from the deli refrigerators! It's too adorable for words. Hopefully Chrissy grabbed her cart of Cheetos and headed for checkout after this!