Chrissy Teigen Posts Video of Miles Twirl-Dancing to Music, and He's Freaking Adorable

It seems like just yesterday proud mama Chrissy Teigen was gushing about her son Miles taking his very few footsteps — she captured her baby boy's first steps on July 23. He started off wobbly and unsure and quickly blossomed into a confident walking toddler. Well, you wouldn't know that milestone was just two months ago, because Miles Stephens has hit fast-forward on his skills and is now dancing and twirling all over the place. In an Instagram video Chrissy posted earlier today, Miles is seen taking over the floor at Grandpa Legend's 70th birthday in Springfield, OH. He hears the deep funk hums of a bass guitar and keyboard and knows he's got to move. He commits to a hard few twirls, loses his balance, catches himself, and then returns right to it. Clearly, this kid is a natural, and I could watch this video all day.