This Comedian's Imitation of a Toddler Avoiding Going to Sleep Is Completely Spot-On

"Why are you out of bed?" are the words heard 'round the world by kids whose parents are just trying to settle into a post-kiddo bedtime routine before crashing themselves. No matter how seamless or terrible a child's — particularly a toddler's — bedtime goes, it seems like there's always an excuse for them to stay up for a few extra minutes, or even seconds, every night.

Comedian Shaun Johnson may not have his own kids yet, but damn, does he know every single kids' trick in the Stay Up Later Than Your Parents Want You To book. In a video posted to his social channels, Shaun doubles as a toddler in pajamas and a mom sitting on the couch in front of a staircase that her son keeps appearing at the top of to say things like, "I was in bed and my sock was itching, so I came to tell you that one of my socks was itching."

Each excuse is funnier than the last and so completely spot-on, we can't believe Shaun isn't a dad to a little trickster himself. Watch the full video above.