This 2-Year-Old Is Willing to Risk It All For Raw Cookie Ingredients, and I Can't Stop Laughing

I needed a good chuckle today, so I'm thrilled I stumbled across little chef Cade's baking video. The 2-year-old has his own cooking series on Instagram, where he works alongside his family — and eats behind their backs. Most recently, Cade and his nana stepped in front of the camera to make chocolate chip cookies. Boy, did Grandma have her work cut out for her! Any time she turned away, Cade snuck his sticky fingers into the bowl to grab whatever he could get his hands on. Sometimes he scored a whole stick of butter or a handful of sugar, and other times he was dealing with a raw egg.

Cade's mom, Christy Hagedorn, told POPSUGAR that Cade started cooking during quarantine when he was 19 months old. "We initially only sent the videos to our family, but then posted one on Facebook and our friends seemed to really enjoy it," she said. "He loves to cook and make a mess." Through the videos, they also discovered Cade's favorite food is pineapple, when they tried making a pizza together.

I have to give Cade points for determination and perseverance, and his nana deserves a medal — and a long nap — after their latest baking experience. Watch the full video above to see Cade's adorable troublemaking. It's all worth it in the end when cookies are involved, right?