This Dad's "Hack" For Getting Kids to Fess Up to Bad Deeds Is Pretty Genius

Grant Collins, a dad and orthodontist from Minnesota, recently came up with a clever "hack" to get his kids to fess up to doing something naughty! In a hilarious video making its rounds on TikTok, Grant asked his 3-year-old son who drew on the rug with magic marker. And because toddlers are, well, toddlers, his kiddo immediately denied all knowledge of the predicament.

Fortunately, Grant is pretty slick and decided to get to the bottom of the situation by saying: "But it's so cool! Did you draw it?" And as expected, Grant got the confession he was looking for. So far, the heartwarming video has racked up more than 952,000 "likes," but who could stay mad at that adorable face? Certainly not us!