This Dad Waited 10 Years to Build a Lego Millennium Falcon With His Future Children

Ten years ago, New Jersey Congressman Andy Kim convinced his wife, Kammy Lai, to put a Lego Millennium Falcon on their wedding registry and promised that he'd wait until they had kids to build it. This May 4, that moment finally came when Andy opened up his 10-year-old Lego set with his two young sons in honor of Star Wars Day.

"My wife wasn't thrilled when I put this Lego Millennium Falcon on our wedding registry," Andy tweeted alongside a photo of himself with his kids and the decade-old set. "To not seem completely self-indulgent, I told her I'd wait until we had kids to build it. Today, after 10 patient years, the adventure begins."

After his initial tweet, Andy shared updates of their progress, including how, 45 pieces into the 1,254-piece set, they lost focus after an epic battle between the Chewbacca and Darth Vader minifigures. Andy joked, "This may take another 10 years," but then was pleasantly surprised when he woke up on May 5 to find his 5-year-old working on the set alone. "He did a couple of big build steps all on his own. I'm a proud dad this morning."

As of May 6, it seems as though they had gotten organized and through stage one of the build, but the end doesn't seem to be in view just yet. To be honest, we've never been more invested in someone else's Lego saga (aside from David Backham's 2017 Disney Castle build). While we wait for more of Andy's updates, keep scrolling to see the beginning of the Kims' Lego journey.

Andy's First Update on Twitter

Andy's Second Update on Twitter

Andy's Third Update on Twitter

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