As a Softie, I Relate Fully to This Dad Climbing Into His Baby's Crib After Attempting "Cry It Out"

Whatever you believe about "cry it out" β€” whether it's an essential way to sleep-train your kids or simply not right for your family β€” there's no denying that the sound of your baby crying is particularly hard to hear.

Muhammed Nitoto was determined not to intervene when his daughter, 1-year-old Zuri, wouldn't stop crying out for him at bedtime.

The dad of two, however, took to Instagram to share what really happened.

"Zuri wasn't having it the other night. I don't think she was feeling well," he started. "I tried to let her 'cry it out' but didn't have it in me to commit."

His breaking point?

"It's something about hearing my daughter crying that gets under my skin," he said. "Like even when I know nothing's wrong and she's just fussing, it bothers me and I just want to pick her up and hold her close until she stops."

He shared baby monitor footage that showed him entering his crying daughter's room, moving some stuffed animals out of her crib, and climbing right in to lie next to her. And while we certainly don't recommend this move with infants as it goes against official safe-sleep guidelines, it's clear he was just trying to do his best.

"I know I can't do that all the time, but right now we gonna take our time on this growing up thing," he added. "And I may or may not lay in a crib I don't fit in so that she will sleep."