This Dad Rapidly Losing His Mind While His Kid Tells Him a Story Is Live Footage of All Parents Right Now

Want to know what sheltering in place looks like for parents? All you have to do is watch Marcus A. Stricklin's TikTok video to paint yourself a realistic picture. In the video, the dad uses the popular "Have You Ever Had a Dream?" audio — of a young child stammering through a question — to show what it's like to have to listen to your kids all day long while you are trying to do other things, like cooking dinner or folding laundry or doing home repairs, or pouring yourself a stiff drink, or hopping the fence — you know, normal stuff.

Seriously, this video is essentially live footage of all parents in self-isolation while their kids tell horribly long-winded, meandering stories that they claim require full eye contact and undivided attention. So, actually, if you want to really know what it's like, don't just watch this short video montage, but go ahead and leave it on in the background nonstop for the next seven weeks. That should do it.