Dad Pretends to Be a Waiter at Dinner, Serves Kids Glass of "March 2020 Vintage" Milk

Parents are probably not looking forward to having to prepare their 473rd meal in a row for their kids tonight, but one UK-based dad found a way to make dinnertime a lot more enjoyable.

"Because isolation and going nuts, we threw a dinner party for the kids," Ben Moore joked on Twitter. He posted a video, filmed by his laughing wife, Ellie Crisell, in which he donned a tuxedo and provided his children with the ultimate fine-dining experience.

"Sir, the March 2020 vintage," he said, presenting a half-gallon jug of milk. "Would you care to try it before I pour?"

His son does his part, too, by swirling the milk in his wine glass and sticking his nose in for a sniff. "A connoisseur, I see, sir . . . Nice to meet a man with a taste for fine milk, sir."

His daughter, too, had a special request for her dad, er, waiter. "Ah, yes, of course, chicken can be difficult," he said, as he cut her meat into bite-size pieces using a technique that only the most highly rated servers refer to as "knife and fork malarkey."

The minute-long video already has 1.7 million views, and commenters across the globe are clamoring for a reservation. Sadly, however, they are booked up for the foreseeable future. Perhaps it's for the best. As one Twitter fan joked: "Every waiter worth their salt knows you always pour milk from the right-hand side of diners. Where were you trained?!"