Michelle Obama Shared a Black Dad's Song of Empowerment For His 5-Year-Old Daughter

Father of two and full-time musician Daniel Johnson wants his daughters to always feel empowered. To get his 5-year-old, Dakota Elle, to celebrate her Blackness, he's been singing uplifting songs with her and sharing them online. Recently, former First Lady Michelle Obama caught wind of a heartwarming video he posted, and she proudly shared it with her followers.

"‪I just love this! Kody and Daniel are so right: We are strong 💪🏾. #BlackJoy," Michelle captioned the Instagram video on July 8. And given the fact she has 40 million followers, the clip instantly took off.

Starting off with the line, "I love my Black so much," it's easy to see why the tune caught on so quickly. Determined to show his girls how strong they are, Johnson wants to use music as a teaching tool for his children.

"It's something I do to show her the beauty of being dark-skinned," he told POPSUGAR. "People teased me about my dark skin growing up, so I never want her to feel like she's left out. Anytime she ever encounters something less than positive about her skin, I tell her to sing what Daddy told you."

Now, he's hoping that other Black parents use the song to show their kids their beauty. "It feels amazing to get the attention, especially for something so positive," he said. "I want others to empower their kids! Kids go through a lot, so we must pay attention to them! The smallest insecurity can hurt them in life as an adult."