Dax Shepard Danced in an Effort to Distract His Daughter From a Video Game, and It Went Poorly

Although many parents used to be steadfast in setting screen-time limits for their kiddos, anything goes 11 months into a global pandemic. And no one knows this better than Kristen Bell, who recently shared a hilarious video of her husband, Dax Shepard, doing everything in his power to distract their 6-year-old daughter, Delta, from a riveting game of Subway Surfers.

"Sadly, even his best moves are no match for the gripping allure of screen time," the mom of two captioned the clip, which puts Dax's absurd dance moves on full display. Clearly, Delta is having absolutely none of his antics, as she reaches out to push him away while shouting, "Dada!" before getting up to finish her game.

According to the comments section, Kristen's fans understand Delta's level of commitment. "To be fair it's a really fun and addictive game," wrote one commenter. Regardless of your stance on screen time, there's no denying this is the definition of wholesome content!