A Toy Story 4 Chess Board Exists, and You Can Play as Forky, Woody, Bo Peep, and More

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When I was a kid, I used to watch Toy Story over and over again, hoping my toys would come to life around me one day. While that day never came, this Toy Story 4 chess board that features the characters from the movie is just about the next best thing I could have hoped for.

The Disney Pixar Toy Story Collector's Chess Set ($54) includes 32 full-color figurines and lets you play on Team Woody (the gold team) or Team Buzz (the blue team). Team Woody includes the sheriff himself, Bo Peep, Ducky, Bunny, Duke Caboom, Buttercup the Unicorn, Hamm, Forky, and the toy soldiers, while Team Buzz includes the space ranger, Jessie, Mr. Pricklepants, Slinky Dog, Dolly, Bullseye, Rex, Trixie, and the Little Green Aliens from Pizza Planet. Dibs on Team Woody!

The colorful board doubles as a game and a collector's figurine set, making it the perfect gift for kids, adults, and anyone who can't get enough of Woody and the gang. If playing with colorful stacks of money is more your thing, there's also a Toy Story 4 Monopoly Board ($20)!
Take a closer look at the Toy Story chess pieces and shop the full game ahead.