Diversify Your Instagram Feed With These 20 Fabulous Influencer Moms

As a woman of color content creator myself, I can tell you first-hand that it is such a struggle to take up this space that has been predominantly given to white women. And as I have grown and cultivated my platform, I came to realize how much the divisiveness in our country can be mitigated by our ability to empathize with one another. This is why it is pertinent to expand our scope of understanding for other women — and an easy way to do so is to diversify your social media feed.

Instead of curating a homogenized feed full of people that look similar to you, consider this a prime opportunity to expand your understanding through a commonality that unites so many women: motherhood. I've put together a list of some of my favorite BIPOC women to follow, all of who are amplifying diverse narratives of motherhood. Scroll through and follow this gallery of 20 women of color bloggers, influencers, and content creators to broaden Instagram feed and expand your view of motherhood!


Arushi Garg

Arushi is an Indian-American mom whose feed is full of vibrant inspiration and positivity. She amplifies her voice to foster a community around her motherhood journey as a boy mom.


Aaronica Cole

Aaronica is an award-winning green parenting blogger who fosters a judgement-free space on her platform and shows off her killer sewing skills in the process!


Erika Ortega

Erika is a Disney-loving Latina mama of three who fills her feed with clear, crisp pictures of her family travel adventures in Texas and beyond.


Angela Kim

Angela is a stylish mom of four and loves talking about all things related to parenthood - from pregnancy to postpartum and everything beyond. Plus, her pictures are swoon-worthy!


Amiyrah Martin

Amiryah is a frugal and fab mama who utilizes her platform to teach women how to live fuller lives with a focus on financial empowerment.


Tamania Jaffri

Tamania is a Canadian-Pakistani blogger who has been a TEDx speaker on the topic of language and identity. She uses her platform to highlight multiculturalism and how to pass on cultural understanding to little ones.


Natasha Brown

Natasha is mom to five gorgeous kiddos and keeps it real and raw with anecdotes of motherhood and life in the heart of Georgia.


Lauren Jarrett and Melissa Greenwood

Run by an Aboriginal mother and daughter duo, Miimi and Jiinde is a labor of love that features their creations of sacred artwork.


Bunmi Laditan

Bunmi is the gifted writer behind Confessions of a Domestic Failure and puts her wit and humor on full-display through her IG posts. Relatable and always hilarious, Bunmi's feed always hits the spot!


Ghazal Umm

Ghazal's feed is all about celebrating the beautiful mess of life and motherhood which makes for relatable content!


Brandi Jeter

The powerhouse Brandi Jeter is all about empowering women with the courage to earn and is the author of Just Us Girls: A Shared Journal. Her feed is an inspiration to moms and businesswomen alike!


Corinne Rice

Corinne is an educator through and through, with an Instagram page full of wisdom about Native American culture and history.


Aseky Bonnaire

Aseky is a Floridian mom of four with an eye for capturing everyday pictures of motherhood and making them look glamorous.


Hina Cheema

Follow Hina for the perfect combination of fashion and motherhood. Hina is an ob/gyn who uses her platform to discuss women's health — and looks amazing while doing it!


Bev Adams

Bev Adams grew up in Zimbabwe and used to love making her own clothes, which is how she fell in love with fashion at a young age. The mom of two boys loves featuring her unique personality and passion for style on her feed.


Leticia Barr

Leticia is a proud mama of two with Haitian roots and a love for technology! Her platform is full of inspiration and tips on how to implement STEM learning for kiddos.


Jay Miranda

Jay's colorful feed is full of casual California style and vibrant snapshots of her life as a mom, writer and body positive advocate!


Ellen Oliveira

Ellen is a Brazilian-American mom who has a gift for documenting her experiences as an expat in Portugal.


Charnaie Gordon

The diversion and inclusion expert uses her platform to advocate for diverse books and educational resources. The computer programmer by trade is a mom to two kiddos as well as an established author.