My Daughter With ADHD Started Using a Weighted Blanket, and I Saw a Change in Her Almost Immediately

My young daughter has ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and a big part of this condition that most people don't know about is emotional dysregulation. Many people with ADHD feel emotions very strongly and can have equally strong reactions. When my daughter is feeling angry, for example, she resembles Anger from Inside Out: screaming, crying, tight fists, the works.

She also frequently becomes frustrated, anxious, and sad. We have an area in our home specifically for her to go to when she's feeling overwhelmed and needs to calm down. There's a hanging swing, musical instruments, books, and a box filled with calm-down jars, fidgets, and squishies for her. The newest addition to the area, and one of the most useful aids, is a weighted blanket.

When my daughter is feeling overwhelmed with emotion, she grabs her weighted blanket and lays it on top of her. The pressure she feels from the blanket's weight makes her relaxed and calm, like she's getting a big hug. The science behind using a weighted blanket is that it causes the brain to release serotonin, a hormone that gives you a calming feeling.

Not only does her weighted blanket help her with her powerful emotions, but it's also a wonderful sleep aid. Many people with ADHD have a difficult time falling asleep at night, because it's difficult for them to slow down their racing mind and body. The weighted blanket helps my daughter fall asleep so much faster.

I could see the benefits from my daughter using a weighted blanket after its first use, and although the price of her weighted blanket was a bit steep, the benefits are well worth the money.