Dwayne Johnson and John Krasinski Trade Jokes About Watching A Quiet Place With the Kids

Dwayne Johnson is raising brave daughters, but are they fearless enough for scary movies? Well, maybe not, given that his youngest two, Jasmine and Tiana, are under age 6. That didn't stop the actor from recently joking about showing the kids A Quiet Place, and John Krasinski even chimed in to give his two cents.

"Beautiful weekend breakfast with my favorite ladies watching A QUIET PLACE," Dwayne wrote on Instagram, along with a photo of him, Tiana, and Jasmine with eyes glued to the iPad. "My girls ain't scared of sh*t 💪🏾 Jk, we're watching THE GODFATHER. Actually LION KING 🦁👑 for the 8,000th time, but next weekend we watch SCARFACE!"

John, who's married to Dwayne's Jungle Cruise costar Emily Blunt, responded to Dwayne's post with a comment of his own. "Oh man, I'm so honored!" he replied. "I hope the girl's lov— wait what!?" Yeah, that about sums up our feelings too. Even though Dwayne's young daughters are probably spending more time watching Disney (especially their dad's movie, Moana) we like to think that one day they'll have a scary movie night with him when they're grown up.