Dylan Dreyer Gave Birth to Her Second Son, and We Love His Popular Name So Much

Dylan Dreyer is officially a mom of two, and we're obsessed with her son's classic name: Oliver George! The Today Show announced its meteorologist's second baby's arrival on Jan. 3 with a post to Instagram captioned, "One big happy family." Dylan's husband, Brian Fichera, also shared a photo of his new family of four, saying, "Friends meet my son Oliver George . . . I am overwhelmed."

Brian and Dylan, who are already parents to 3-year-old Calvin Bradley, went a more traditional route with naming baby number two. Oliver has been a top name in the US for quite a few years now, sitting in fifth place for most popular name for boys in 2018. Although George is a bit lower on the list — it was the 127th most popular name for boys in 2018 — you can't argue against it being a classic. And how good do Calvin and Oliver sound together?! Plus, baby Oliver already has a sweet nickname: Ollie!

Dylan shared her pregnancy news back in July 2019, just a few months after she opened up about suffering a miscarriage and her infertility struggles. "It's been an emotional journey," she told her coanchors. "I opened up about my infertility and my secondary infertility and just surgeries I've had to have. The day I was going to start my IVF . . . the doctor calls and says, 'Don't take anything, you're pregnant.'"

Congratulations to Dylan, Brian, and big brother Calvin on Ollie's arrival!