A Flight Attendant Outlined the Best Places For Families to Sit on a Plane, and It's Brilliant!

A flight attendant named Sandra Jeenie Kwon is doing parents a major solid by telling them the best places to sit on a plane if you're flying economy with kids in tow. In a helpful Instagram video, she responds to a specific question about where to sit if you're a family of six flying with four kids of varying ages. And while we're avoiding all unnecessary travel at the moment, we plan to keep these tips on file for our next vacation.

"When you're traveling with infants you should call the airline to see if there are baby bassinets available on that aircraft," she says. "Then you won't have to carry your baby on your lap for the entire flight, which is nice. The baby bassinets are located in the bulkhead seats."

For parents with multiple kiddos, she suggests sitting close to the bathrooms for easy access, specifically in seats D to F in row 45 for the example plane layout she features. Moreover, she gives some insight as to where older children and teenagers should sit in relation to their parents.

"Now for the teen and the kid. Is it better beside you or behind you?" she asks. "I recommend you put the kid [directly behind a parent] and the teen in the middle. That way, a parent still has easy access to the kid. Let's be real. A kid is a kid. If the kid kicks the chair, [they're] gonna be kicking you and not somebody else."

Not flying with children? Then be sure to check out Sandra's advice for where to sit if it's an adults-only trip.