A Photographer's "Front Porch Sessions" Series Shows Self-Isolation Isn't All Bad

Texas-based photographer Sara Ester of Sara Liz Photography sees the world through pictures, so when she learned that American families would be spending the foreseeable future in self-isolation, she knew she had to document it. For a project titled "Front Porch Sessions," Sara put a call out to families on social media. Met with an overwhelming response, she began driving to various families to capture images from a minimum of six feet away.

"We're all just trying to do the best we can with a crappy situation!"

"Amid all the COVID-19 stuff going on I asked if families would be interested in a quick five-minute session on their front porches to document what a crazy experience it has been to be quarantined at home," Sara told POPSUGAR. "The people participating ran with it! So many families made funny or encouraging signs, showed up in their pajamas or yoga pants, and just really embraced the whole 'quarantine chic' idea. It was really reaffirming to see how everyone is in the same boat. We're all just trying to do the best we can with a crappy situation!"

Scroll ahead to get a look at some of the beautiful shots Sara captured, because hey, sometimes getting in a little extra time with the family has its benefits.