Watch a Delivery Man's Pure Reaction to Discovering Sold-Out Supplies in Front of a House

During a time of uncertainty, it's encouraging to see strangers making small but important steps to help each other. That's why I'm so uplifted by the efforts of YouTuber Evan Era, who recently set up a surprise to thank his local delivery people for their efforts during the coronavirus crisis. After health supplies like toilet paper and hand sanitizer started selling out of stores, Evan left his stockpiled extras (from before the outbreak) on his front porch for anyone who needed it.

Turns out, Evan was able to help at least one delivery man in particular. After spotting the supplies and sign in front of Evan's house, a man rang on the doorbell to make sure he could take a couple of things home. "You're a lifesaver," he said. "Thank you." He revealed that he was actually having trouble finding these products in stores, and really appreciated the gesture. The video quickly gained popularity across social media, especially on TikTok, and it inspired commenters to perform similar good deeds — at a safe social distance. Watch the heartwarming exchange above. It can act as a much-needed bright spot during cloudy days!