Left Hand Blue! A Giant Inflatable Twister Board Exists, So Get Ready For Family Game Night

Family game night just got a little more exciting thanks to this giant, inflatable Twister board — it's like a bounce house and a board game in one! As fun as regular Twister is, I'm pretty sure the added challenge of trying to keep your balance on a wobbling vinyl "game board" makes the classic game just a little more difficult (and more fun). Created by Hammacher Schlemmer & Company, the inflatable Twister game costs a chill (re: not chill) $2,000 and supports up to 1,500 pounds of weight — so the whole family can play!

The double-stitched vinyl playing mat features 64 dots (eight rows of eight dots) in Twister's original colors, and comes with an air blower and a 24-inch spinnable wheel to determine which move each player will have to make on their turn. So, who's going to be the last one standing on your next game night?