This 5-Year-Old Gave Her Mom the Sweetest Compliment, and Her Reaction Will Melt Your Heart

Our moms are often our number one fans, but we definitely don't hype them up as much as we should. Luckily, one girl on TikTok reminded us to make our moms feel special too, and it's the cutest thing. In a video shared by little Aubrey's mom, Kendall, TikTok user @kendallsmith.904, she first explained to viewers that she was about to pick up her daughter from school. "I never wear makeup and she is my biggest hype man so I know when she gets in the car — she's 5 years old — she's going to hype me up, y'all," she began the clip, which now has almost 10 million views on the platform. "Watch, just watch. Hold on," she continued.

When Aubrey got in the car, her mom greeted her with an enthusiastic "Hi!" and asked her how her day was. The 5-year-old responded just as cheerfully, and immediately said, "Good! You look so beautiful today!" in the sweetest way. Kendall then panned the camera to focus on her daughter, who peeled off her mask to reveal the biggest smile that will melt your heart. The heartwarming TikTok is flooded with comments from fans overwhelmed by the mother-daughter duo's precious interaction. If you want to bring some positivity to your day, watch the touching video for yourself above.