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Gwen Stefani Says Her Kids Want Ellen DeGeneres's Number

Gwen Stefani Says Her Kids Try to Use Her For Celebrity Connections, and LOL, Relatable

Having an icon like Gwen Stefani as a mom is very cool, even if her kids don't realize it yet. The mom of three sons (Kingston, 13, Zuma, 11, and Apollo, 5) stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers to talk about her Las Vegas residency and The Voice, and she gave some real talk about what her kids really care about: her connections, not her music. Seth asked, "Do they have any relationship with your music yet? How do they feel when they hear it?" Gwen said, "I mean, they don't really care about me as far as any of that stuff goes."

Instead, she impersonated what her kids might ask, saying, "'Mom, do you have, like, Ellen DeGeneres's text? Can you text? Because I really want to play Fortnite with Ninja'" [a well-known gamer who has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show]. "They try to use me sometimes," she laughed. Just wait, Gwen; one day they'll be jamming out to "Spiderwebs."

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