A Teacher Decorated Her Classroom Like Hogwarts — and How in Merlin's Beard Do I Enroll?

Staci Lamb, a public school teacher at Elkton High School in Elkton, MD, knows that her students need inspirational surroundings to make the very most of their school day. That's why the English teacher went above and beyond to transform her classroom into a Harry Potter-lover's dream — complete with a sorting hat! — before the beginning of the new school year. She shared her insanely cool space on Instagram, and naturally, aspiring witches and wizards are begging to enroll.

Although this isn't the first time Staci went with the beloved magical theme (she also decorated her classroom like Hogwarts last year!), she knew that she needed to kick it up a notch this time around. All in all, the entire project took Staci a month, with her spending a few hours a day at the school to set up. And yes, the educator paid for everything by herself. Not wanting to break the bank completely, Staci relied on Facebook Marketplace, garage sales, Goodwill stores, and the University of Delaware campus post-move-in weekends to score her decorations. Keep reading to get a look at Staci's handiwork, and try not to apparate there yourself!