Hliaria and Alec Baldwin’s Fifth Baby Has 2 Middle Names, Just Like His Older Siblings

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin welcomed their fifth little "Baldwinito" together on Sept. 8, a son whose full name is Eduardo Pau Lucas Baldwin. Two days after her son's birth, Hilaria shared the first full photo of Eduardo's face along with the meaning behind his name.

"His name means 'wealthy guardian of peace and light,'" Hilaria shared of the name Eduardo, which is both the Spanish and Italian version of Edward. In 2019, Eduardo was the 315th most popular name for boys. His middle name, Pau, is a common name in the Northeast region of Spain and translates to "peace." And, like two of Hilaria's older children, Eduardo has two middle names; his second, Lucas, was the eighth most popular name for boys in 2019.

Plus, it looks like the little one already has a nickname. "We love you baby Edu," Hilaria capped off her name announcement post. So cute!

Congrats to Hilaria, Alec, and all four of Eduardo's older siblings on Edu's arrival!