Hilaria Baldwin Says Her Kids Eating Vegetables Is Nonnegotiable — Here's How She Pulls It Off

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin didn't necessarily plan on having a big family, but with four kids ages 6 and under, the couple are doing all they can to keep things harmonious in their busy home. For Hilaria, that means being the "boss" of the family, which is pretty different from how Alec parents.

"We are very different," Hilaria told POPSUGAR of herself and Alec. "One of the things that I really love about parenting with him is that he lets me be the boss. I'm so fascinated by parenting and I've put my entire life, soul, and heart into it. It's to the point where as a job now I get to talk to experts every day with [my podcast], Mom Brain. I appreciate that he really lets me do the research, talk to the experts, and then we come up with the plan together for how we are going to tackle things. I am the disciplinarian. Alec is the fun parent. I always wonder if they will rebel in the future and say, 'You're not fun, Mom.'"

"One of the things that I really love about parenting with him is that he lets me be the boss."

Despite her curiosity over how her kids — Carmen, 6, Rafael, 4, Leonardo, 3, and Romeo, 1 — will perceive her when they look back on their childhoods, that doesn't stop Hilaria from running her household like, well, a boss. "I cook, feed the kids, bathe them, and put them to bed. Alec will read them stories and play with them. I make them do homework even before they have homework because I want them to constantly be learning and experiencing things. I appreciate that we don't bump heads when it comes to parenting because he lets me take the lead."

Additionally, Hilaria does her best to keep track of all four of the kiddos' diets, ensuring that healthy foods get into their bodies each day. Her nonnegotiable rule with food? They must all drink a green smoothie every day. "I have the kids drink a green smoothie every day so that they get their vegetables. I make sure that they have their whole grains, protein, veggies, and tons of water every day. I've learned that making such a big deal about eating in general is not a good idea. I respect when they say 'no' to certain foods — other than the green smoothie. That's the one thing they have to drink."

Another thing this mama bear won't tolerate? Her kids being inconsiderate. "I have no tolerance for unkindness like hitting, biting, kicking, name calling, or any kind of rudeness. I will call out when they are not being kind immediately. I do it in a kind, but very firm way. I find that with that consistency, little by little they start to get it and begin to change their behavior. Kids need the repetition to learn good behavior and it's important to be patient with them," she said, adding: "I let them wear what they want to wear. I want them to be curious and explore and find out who they are. Other than being kind and some basic ground rules, I like to let them discover who they are." That sounds like fair middle ground!

"We are a team. That's the motto in our house."

Hilaria's four kids were all born within five years of each other, which might seem hectic to some, but she and Alec are making the most of their experiences as parents. "It's so much fun! They are so cute together. We all just went for a walk and they were holding hands, hugging, and kissing. Sometimes they have meltdowns and there are tears, but in the end, they love each other so much. I love seeing that — we are a team. That's the motto in our house. We always include everyone. No toys belong to someone so much that the others can't play with them. Everything is about inclusion, a very namaste experience."

But even bosses who foster peaceful energy in their homes need a break, so between the routines, green smoothies, and family adventures, Hilaria finds time for herself in small spurts. To keep herself sane, she focuses on moving her body and exercising as forms of self-care.

"If I'm upset or stressed, I go out for a run and I come home a new human . . . Sometimes all you need is a burst of 60 seconds of moving your body to feel better. I also really focus on taking care of my body by being conscious of the products that I use on my skin. A few years ago, I made the switch to using a natural deodorant . . . I've started using [Tom's of Maine]'s Natural Strength Women's Deodorant and found that it works well for me," she said, adding: "It's also important to me to choose products from companies that are operating sustainably and responsibly. Especially as a mom, I'm always thinking about what the planet will be like when my kids grow up. I love that Tom's of Maine is all about doing the right thing for the Earth."