These Dads Created a Support Group After Being Left Alone at Target by Their Wives Too Often

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Target attracts shoppers young and old through its red doors, and for so many parents, the shop of dreams can be a safe haven where the hours and stress just melt away. For Miles, Penn, Charlie, and Taylor, Target is where their wives spend upwards of 12 hours a week doing . . . whatever it is they do in there, and as they each admit, over the years they've been pretty bored. Although Penn completed his doctorate in Target parking lots between 2015 and 2018, and Taylor scored a part-time job wrangling the red carts while his wife shopped, it wasn't until Charlie knocked on Taylor's car window and offered him some beef jerky that their support group, Husbands of Target, was really born.

Now, the men look forward to their wives' near-daily Target shopping trips so they can tailgate in the parking lot and cook brats on Miles's grill, cheer for their favorite sports teams on the TV in the back of Penn's van, and play poker inside the back of one car while their kids play wildly in another — but don't worry, the dads have a video baby monitor and take 15-minute shifts each watching the cameras.

In the hilarious video — which is of course just an extremely clever spoof — the guys urge other men to offer their fellow husbands beef jerky next time they see them stranded by their spouse in the Target parking lot. Who knows what kind of bonds you can form with one of the other "7.6 million husbands" left unattended? Watch the Husbands of Target gush about their group in the video above.