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Jason Sudeikis's 3-Year-Old Daughter Claims She's Pregnant

Jason Sudeikis Shrugs Off His 3-Year-Old's Claim That She's Pregnant: "It's Pretty Exciting"

It sounds like Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde's daughter, Daisy, has quite the imagination. The 3-year-old is apparently under the impression that she's pregnant, as Jason hilariously recounted to James Corden during a Late Late Show appearance on Thursday. "Last night, Olivia told me that Daisy told her very earnestly and very sincerely, she said, 'Mom, I'm pregnant,'" the actor explained, mimicking a serious facial expression. Naturally, he shrugged off her claim, as one does, adding, "It's pretty exciting."

Jason's story prompted James to chime in and share a comment his 5-year-old daughter, Carey, recently made, featuring an impressive though inaccurately used vocabulary word. "She said to my wife, I heard it from upstairs, 'Stop gaslighting me.' I was like, 'You're 5, and to be clear, she wasn't gaslighting you. She was saying, 'It's time for dinner, you need to sit down to eat now.'" Cracking up, Jason said, "I feel like 98 percent of parenting is gaslighting, isn't it?" Hah, ain't that the truth!

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