Jennifer Garner Talks 2020 Election With Jill Biden: "Moms Are Going to Put You in the White House"

Jennifer Garner is throwing her support behind her friends Joe and Jill Biden ahead of the 2020 presidential election. On Oct. 6, Jennifer and Jill joined up on Instagram to chat about what America is going through and what the country needs in a leader.

"I think it's easy just to be uncomfortable talking politics or feeling like a celebrity is endorsing a candidate and what do they even know — but I actually know you and we have worked together. And we are friends, and it is important to talk about," Jennifer said. She commended Jill for her service as a teacher, and her "sacred pact" with her students. "That's all I really needed ever to know," Jennifer continued.

The duo discussed a number of topics during their 20-minute conversation, including the essential role moms play in our country, especially as the novel coronavirus pandemic impats so many families. "Can you imagine doing all that and having a husband or a spouse who is deployed somewhere else in the world?," Jill asked. "I think moms rule, don't you?" Jennifer responded, "Well, I mean, clearly! I think moms, we get it done. I think moms are gonna put you in the White House, I do."

Jill hopes Jennifer is right. "Because we're all just trying to balance our families and take care of our families, which are so important to us. In this pandemic we've seen so much chaos and confusion, and we just need calm, steadiness," she said. Watch their full discussion, above.