Hold Your Applause — Kaavia Already Knows She Nailed This Glorious Rendition of "Let It Go"

Since 2013, Frozen's "Let It Go" has been a joy to kids and a headache to parents. Now, Kaavia James is sharing her version of this earworm with all the passion and vocal bravado of a Grammy award-winning recording artist. And yes, she performed the entire cover from the comfort of her car seat, because superstars have places to be. "Listen, the way she was SEARCHING for that note 😅," Gabrielle Union captioned the TikTok video of her 2-year-old daughter singing her heart out.

The video starts with Kaavia performing a backseat concert for her stuffed animals as she channels all the theatricality of the Ice Queen herself and lifts her hands, as if sprinkling frozen fractals of snow in all directions. Eventually, she scream-sings one final note and smiles to herself as she looks out the window, secure in the fact that her recording deal is right around the corner. Who knows? With the toddler's impressive dance moves, we might even get a few music videos someday. Give Kaavia's enthusiastic "Let It Go" rendition a listen here.