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Affordable Pants Your Kid Can Wear With Everything

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Source: H&M

Great fitting pants are a must for kids of all ages. Teaming up with H&M, we’re sharing versatile styles your little one can confidently wear year-round.

Pants are a basic your kid can never have too many of, but they're also a challenging purchase to get right. For growing kids, pant sizing can be tricky, and finding the right style, fit, material, and even color is definitely not a one-size-fits-all process. All the options (Jeans! Joggers! Slacks! Sweats! Corduroys!) can feel overwhelming, but H&M is an easy one-stop shop for children of all ages and sizes.

To make finding that perfect pair of pants easier, the brand has created a handy pant guide. Just select your kid's age range and explore its vast variety of comfortable styles and fits. With every pant option clearly laid out along with a fit description, it may even help you avoid a fitting room meltdown!

Ahead, check out just a few of the popular H&M trousers your kid can rock for seasons to come. From classic skinny jeans to playful leggings, they're sure to give any wardrobe a leg up.