Kim Kardashian Records Her Kids Saying Cute Things So She Can Play It Back to Them When They’re Older

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During Kim Kardashian's visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, she and the host played a fun game of "Show Me Your Phone" — you should watch the full segment, it's cute — and during it she revealed something super adorable she does with the voice memo function on her phone (head to around the 2:40 mark).

"I record as I'm putting my kids to bed; I press play and I listen to their stories that they tell me for bed — I have them all from my nephew Mason when i would babysit him — and so I hear the cutest things that they say that I'll play for them one day," Kim says to a wide-eyed Fallon.

It's genius and definitely the best way to use that function of the phone. We can't believe we never thought of it, but nonetheless, we're totally gonna steal her idea!