Kristen Bell Asks High Schoolers to Spill Secrets They'd Never Tell Their Moms . . . on Camera

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Kristen Bell has a few years before her daughters, Lincoln and Delta, become teenagers, but she decided to get some early insights from the experts: actual high school seniors. During her latest Momsplaining segment, the Good Place actress got a crash course in what life is like for teens these days, including things the girls wouldn't tell their parents.

It took Kristen and her new friends a second to break the ice, but once they did, they quickly bonded over their shared love of thrifting and moved on to even deeper topics. "What worries you as a teenager?" Kristen asked. Well, it sounds like just about everything is a stressor when you're 17 and 18. In addition to the deeper topics, Kristen and the girls also chatted about sneaking out, using the word "like," reading an analog clock — and that's all before they hit the mall. Watch the full video above to see the funniness ensue. It's worth sticking around purely for the girls' reactions when they see their own moms at the end.