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Leggings Outfits From Athleta Girl
Source: Athleta Girl

You don't need to see a funny parenting meme to know that kids have some of the most creative and endearing ways of expressing themselves. One of the best things you can do as a parent is to nurture that side of them and encourage them to convey their thoughts and emotions, whether it's through the imaginary games they play or the art they create.

And if it's through how they decide to dress? Well then sit back and let them take the lead. After all, allowing your child to develop their own unique sense of style can help them gain autonomy and confidence. If it's your daughter we're talking about, inspire her to go as big and bold with her outfit as she wants. Athleta Girl has all the bright, fun, and playful pieces she could need to feel perfectly herself, starting with the Chit Chat Tight.