Dang, I Wish I'd Had Lil Nas X's New Children's Book When I Was Learning the ABCs

It's time to saddle up and take your horse to the old town road Barnes & Noble, 'cause Lil Nas X just released his first-ever children's book, thus adding another accomplishment to his already-impressive résumé. Titled C Is For Country, the picture book is designed to teach kiddos aged 3 to 7 their ABCs, featuring adorable artwork by illustrator Theodore Taylor III. The pages follow the 21-year-old rapper, dressed in a pink outfit, cowboy hat, and boots as a nod to his 2020 Grammys look, and Panini the pony as they "journey through the alphabet from sunup to sundown," encountering scenic pastures, farm animals, and more along the way.

In the book, each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a word that reflects Lil Nas X's one-of-a-kind personal style and a love for all things country — for example, "F" stands for "fringe," "feathers," and "fake fur," while "S" stands for "swag." All I can say is dang, I really wish this was around during my childhood! You can order a hardcover copy of C Is For Country online from retailers like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Books-A-Million, and more over on the Random House website. Keep reading ahead to get a sneak peek at the cover and a few of the pages inside.