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Video of Toddler Pretending to Sleep While Sneaking Snacks

This Toddler Tried to Fool Grandma by "Falling Asleep" After She Was Caught Sneaking Snacks

Did she just act like she's sleeping when i caught her getting snack??? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🙊🙄😳💀🤣

Posted by Chris J. Vaughn on Saturday, June 20, 2020

As a kid, you'd rather disappear than let your parents catch you breaking the rules. There isn't any magic spell or potion that I've figured out that'll let you escape from those awkward situations, but 20-month-old Amala may have found a supercute loophole: pretend to fall asleep! The toddler's grandma, Christina J. Vaughn, recently shared a Facebook video in which Amala tries to avoid getting in trouble for sneaking fruit snacks.

"Did she just act like she's sleeping when I caught her getting snack???" Christina captioned the video, which also gained traction on Twitter. Amala keeps her eyes closed and stays still as can be until the very last second, when she looks straight into the camera and smirks. Watch the hilarious clip above to see the moment for yourself. TBH, we might have to borrow Amala's strategy the next time we're trying to sneak snacks!

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