This Toddler Sang "No Scrubs" So Passionately, a Member of TLC Now Wants to Babysit Her

TLC's "No Scrubs" is a timeless hit adored by all generations. Just take it from this young girl named Lucia, whose unflinching love for the song has earned her newfound internet stardom. At the age of 4, Lucia was filmed belting out the iconic 1999 track in her bathroom with such passion and conviction, you'd think she wrote the lyrics herself.

In the newly viral clip, which was first posted last year but recently reshared publicly on Instagram, the superstar in the making wears a pink polka-dotted Minnie Mouse dress to hysterically sing the song's chorus word for word, mostly with her eyes closed. The best part? Her prolonged, Broadway-worthy delivery of the last line, "Trying to holler at me." It's just truly *chef's kiss* glorious — so glorious, in fact, that it even caught the attention of TLC's very own Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, who reposted the video on her Instagram with an added request to babysit Lucia in the future.

For Lucia's mom, author Noelle Gentile, there's a deeper story behind the magic of her now-5-year-old daughter's singing chops. "Music is really important to our family during some challenging times," Noelle told POPSUGAR. Those challenging times she's referring to involve her other daughter, Isla, who has a life-threatening form of epilepsy that requires many hospital visits. The two sisters have a tight bond that inspired their mom to write the book Isla & Lulu to celebrate diverse abilities and help other families raise children who are inclusive.

"Even in our hardest moments we try to create joy," Noelle said, adding, "I shared this video because we are collectively experiencing pain, all of us, in many different ways. I hoped in sharing it, it would bring joy to people." And it most certainly did.