This Mom's Kid Heard "WAP" While She Was on TikTok, and the Result Was Hilarious

We do our best to keep age-inappropriate entertainment out of our children's reach — we play Disney songs in the car, we wait to watch an R-rated movie until after bedtime — but sometimes, despite our best efforts, their young eyes and ears stumble upon something you may not have wanted them to. In Lindsey's case, she didn't realize that while scrolling through TikTok, her daughter was hearing snippets of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's "WAP" and picking up on some of the lyrics.

In a video originally posted to TikTok, Lindsey can be seen sitting in her parked car, when her daughter asks from the back seat, "Why don't they fix the house?" Confused, Lindsey asks, "What house?" Eventually, her daughter expands, saying, "The song that goes: 'There's some holes in the house, there's some holes in the house.'"

LOL. Welp. If you haven't heard "WAP" yet, give the first five seconds a listen and you'll hear the actual lyric Lindsey's daughter was mistaking for a story about a house with structural issues.

"I had just pulled in after picking my kiddos up from preschool when I heard my daughter singing those lyrics in the back seat; it took me a minute to realize what exactly she was singing," Lindsey told POPSUGAR. "Disney princess soundtracks and Sunday school songs are usually our jam, so I was a little shocked when I realized she had clearly been listening in as I scrolled through my FYP on TikTok! Mama learned it's time to scroll a little faster!"

So classic — watch the entire hilarious exchange above.