This Teacher's Reaction to the ABC Song Changing Builds Into a Frustrated Screech That'll Crack You Up

A teacher on TikTok with a fitting username, @ms_frazzled, created a video to share some "breaking news in kindergarten" that is both hilarious and absurd. Ms. F recently found out that the alphabet song we all know and love, with the unique LMNOP cadence, is apparently changing. This claim isn't new, as rumors of the proposed change first sparked in 2019, when Twitter users discovered a 2012 version of the new song that separates L through P to sound less like "elemenopee" and more like the individual letters.

Regardless, my — and Ms. F's — question is, "Who asked for this?!"

"OK, I have to tell you all something right now," Ms. F says in the beginning of her TikTok video. "I don't know if you know, but they're changing the alphabet song. They are changing it." She continues, reciting the new version of the song with increasing emotion, capping off her video with a perfect screech in frustration.

There's no way to say for sure if kids will officially learn their ABCs with this new melody, but one can only hope they get to experience the joy of the squished LMNOP, rather than this new, unnaturally spaced-out jingle.