Did Someone Say Free Slime? Grab Your Kid and Head to Michaels For a Day of Fun!

Slime: it's one of those inescapable materials that all parents must endure . . . sort of like a rite of passage. And slime comes in so many varieties now: edible, rainbow, and even strawberry-flavored Unicorn Slime. If you think you're getting away with a Valentine's Day without it, you're oh so wrong.

Michaels is hosting a MAKE break Slime Your Heart Out event dedicated to the squishy goo, and you know your kid will want to go! On Feb. 9, head to your local Michaels from 1-3 p.m. for a fun-filled afternoon of glittery mix-ins. If you're on the fence about bringing your little one to the event, consider this: you won't have to clean anything up!