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Mindy Kaling Shares Which Celebrity Moms She Asks For Advice

Mindy Kaling Says She Gets Parenting Advice From Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington

Mindy Kaling has quite the support system when it comes to raising her two kids, 3-year-old Katherine and 4-month-old son Spencer! In an interview with Access, she shared that she frequently turns to her The Morning Show costar Reese Witherspoon and mom of two Kerry Washington for parenting advice.

"What's so cool about Reese's journey is that she was a mom when she was at the beginning of the height of her career, like 22, 24, and it didn't slow her down at all," Mindy explained. "She was able to raise two kids [and] be a young mom. And then she experienced it again in her 30s with her third. So she's really seen it at every stage, and her kids are so close to her. So I really look to her for a lot of parenting advice."

Mindy also lauded Kerry's parenting skills, noting that Katherine attends school with one of her children. "I think Kerry Washington has done an incredible job with her kids. And she's super private about that. She's someone who I call . . . my daughter goes to the same school as one of her kids, so it's great to get advice about that," Mindy said. "Reese and Kerry are doing an incredible job. They approach motherhood in slightly different ways, but they both have such beautiful, smart, strong children."

She also gave some insight as to why she gave Katherine the nickname "Kit." "I think it's the absolute best name," she told Kit Hoover, who understandably agreed. "What I loved about it is Katherine I think is such a beautiful name and there [are] all these possibilities for nicknames . . . It felt just like a fun, tomboyish nickname, and then if she decides she hates it, she can go by Katie, she can go by Katherine, Kate, whatever she wants. It gives some versatility for her."

Watch the full video to learn how Katherine's adapting to having a baby brother and how Mindy's life has changed now that she has two little ones at home.

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