We're Definitely Stealing This Mom's Adorable Burrito Photo Shoot Idea For Our Babies

Taking monthly progress photos of your little one is a sweet way to track how much he or she grows as the year goes on. And one particularly crafty mom named Brianna got especially creative when she dressed her 1-month-old son up as a burrito for a photo shoot. In the now viral side-by-side pics that took off on Twitter on Jan. 12, Brianna used a Swaddle Tortilla Blanket (which you can score on Amazon for $15, by the way!), and added a few fun accessories like salsa, limes, two bottles of Jarritos Mexican soda, and a little cilantro to round out the look. She also included a letter board that read "1 Mes" and captioned her tweet "I made a burrito today" before pushing send. Before she knew it, her easy-to-emulate idea went viral.

And while there's no denying how sweet the concept is, it has a deeper meaning for Brianna. "My family comes from Mexico, so as soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted my son grow up loving his beautiful culture and everything that comes with it," Brianna told POPSUGAR. "My maternity pictures also have that beautiful Mexican touch to it. I want my son to be proud of where he comes from and the struggle it took his grandparents to give us the life full of opportunities we have today."

All we need now is for her to complete a year of pictures — just like this pizza-inspired shoot — so we can peep the finished product. How sweet!

Twitter | @briannaaemi