A Mom Shared How She Teaches Her Toddlers Consent Through Demonstrative TikTok Videos

Alissa, a mom and teacher from Chicago, recently shared how she's teaching her 4-year-old son about consent. In a series of now-viral TikTok videos, Alissa modeled how she discusses everyday tasks with her little one.

"OK, bud, time to pick out your clothes, you want to do it yourself?" she asked before the video cuts away. "Do you need help getting dressed?" Alissa went on to show how she speaks to her son throughout, modeling how she asks him whether or not she can assist him in brushing his hair or untucking his shirt from his underwear.

On April 17, Alissa shared a second clip explaining how she builds body autonomy and consent when changing her younger child's diaper. Throughout the video she walks him through the process, stating when she's removing his dirty diaper and when she's putting on his pants.

"Teaching kids consent teaches them their body is theirs only and that also other people's bodies belong to them," Alissa told POPSUGAR. "It helps to protect children from future abuse and teaches them to respect the boundaries of others. Even parents can make children feel uncomfortable when the touch is not wanted. My videos are geared toward parents and future parents to help them understand the importance of not only respecting their children's boundaries but doing so in a way that parenting can still be done as well."