A Mom Thought There Was a "Ghost Baby" in Her Son's Crib and Was "So Freaked Out," She Barely Slept

Maritza Elizabeth, a mom of two from Illinois, thought for sure that there was some kind of "ghost baby" in her son's crib with him on the night of Oct. 17, and unsurprisingly, she said she barely slept while keeping an eye on him and the phantom baby through her baby monitor. Why, you may be asking yourself, did she not just go into his room, turn on the lights, and try to figure out what was happening? Well, the short answer is that her son's been sick, so she didn't want to wake him outrightly — fair — and also, she was trying to convince herself, like I think most of us would, that she wasn't crazy.

"The more I looked at the monitor, the more I felt like my eyes were trying to trick me into seeing something that wasn't really there," Maritza told POPSUGAR. "But then I would be like, no there's definitely something there. It's not to say I don't believe in ghosts (I certainly don't doubt their existence), but my mind was telling me there must be a logical explanation. But what?!"

After creeping into her son's room with a flashlight as quietly as possible, she still couldn't see anything that resembled a ghost baby. "I didn't see anything unusual in the crib at all. I was trying to feel around to see if there was any wetness (we were thinking maybe it was drool?), but I didn't feel any. I told myself maybe it was just a stain on the sheet and left the room. I probably went in there about three more times throughout the night just to be sure," she said. "I slept with that monitor in my face with the volume and brightness up all the way. And I'd keep opening my eyes to make sure 'ghost baby' wasn't moving, LOL. Every time I'd start to relax, my son would roll over and I'd be on high alert again. It was definitely a restless night."

As it turns out, what Maritza was seeing in her son's crib was another baby — a picture of one. The next morning, she went to "investigate a bit further" in the daylight. "It turns out my husband just forgot to put the mattress protector on when he changed the sheets," Maritza wrote on Facebook alongside a photo of the supposed "ghost baby," which was just a photo of a baby on the mattress's label. She added, "I could kill him." Ha!

See the terrifying visual Maritza was seeing on her baby monitor screen all night, and then keep reading for what she was actually seeing.

Maritza Elizabeth