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Netflix's Yes Day Movie Trailer and Details

This Netflix Comedy Explores What Happens When Parents Say "Yes" to Their Kids For 24 Hours

Parenting amid a global pandemic likely means that the word "no" comes out of our mouths a lot more than we'd like. And while we want our kids to follow the rules and grow up to become productive members of society, striking down every borderline-outlandish idea they have can be exhausting. The new Netflix movie, Yes Day — which is available to stream beginning on March 12 — explores what it would be like if parents actually said yes to everything their children asked for 24 hours, and it gets pretty wild!

Starring Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramírez — a couple who wants to "be fun again" — they agree to go along with whatever their three children suggest for a full day. From engaging in an epic water balloon fight to going through the car wash with the windows down, it's pretty clear anything goes!

Although the concept of a "yes day" isn't completely new (the movie is based on the 2009 children's book by the same name) it definitely takes guts to implement from a parenting perspective. Watch the trailer above to see all the antics this wacky family gets into.

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