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Nickelodeon The Astronauts

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Source: Nickelodeon

We partnered with Nickelodeon to gear up for the launch of their new show, The Astronauts, premiering Nov. 13.

Houston, we have a problem. Parents today are 24/7 caretakers, babysitters, teachers, and so much more. With all this added responsibility, managing screen time has basically gone out the window — TV time has turned into family time, and finding a show that's both educational for kids and entertaining for parents can take a bit of digging.

That's why Nickelodeon's brand-new show, The Astronauts, should be at the top of your queue. It's an ambitious story filled with space adventures and valuable life lessons, which follows a group of kids who sneak onto a spacecraft called the ODYSSEY II and mistakenly get launched into space. From the relatable character dynamics to the hyperrealistic graphics, there's something for every member of the family to enjoy. Keep reading to learn why The Astronauts is bound to become a family favorite.