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Watch the Best Family Impression Videos on TikTok

Parents Are Imitating Their Teens on TikTok, and They're Having Way Too Much Fun


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Kids can finally see themselves through their parents' eyes, thanks to a rising, funny TikTok challenge. Over the past few weeks, moms and dads have taken to the app to share impressions of their teens — all in good fun, of course. The parents in the videos poke fun at the "typical teen" behavior they see at home on the regular.

There's plenty of material for the adults to work with, from pretending to do homework (when you're actually FaceTiming your friend) to stealing clothes from mom's closet. These kinds of jokes might typically be annoying from a kid's perspective, but the laughs in the background suggest the parents get a free pass. You know if the kids are willing to post, the teasing can't be too bad. Check out a few of the best family impression videos below.

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