This Candid Photo of a Mom Pushing During Childbirth Shows There's No "Right" Way to Do It

Tennessee-based birth photographer Kalyn Noland's goal is to capture both the magical and trying moments that come with childbirth. And while she loves photographing the tender moments — like when a mom meets her baby for the first time — there's also something to be said for the less glamorous parts, such as when you have to push. While photographing Cheyenne Munoz, a new mom who recently welcomed her first son and rainbow baby, Kalyn captured one such moment to show that moms-to-be have options during birth.

"Pushing . . . Did you know that you DON'T have to push with your legs in the stirrups?" she captioned the candid birth photo she shared to Instagram on Feb. 11. For Kalyn, ensuring that soon-to-be moms know they have options is paramount, especially given her experience as a parent.

"I want to break down what society says birth should look like."

"After four traumatic births, I became moved to bring awareness and education about birthing rights to women," Kalyn told POPSUGAR. "I had the passion for photography and to empower women. With this image, I felt it was necessary to show that birthing mothers have options other than laying flat on her back with her legs in stirrups being told when to push or for how long. Here, you can see Cheyenne working with her body to bring baby down in the position that naturally worked for her."

Through her work as a birth photographer, Kalyn wants to get as much information to expectant moms as possible. "My whole mission is to normalize birth and to help remove fear of the unknown," she said. "I want to break down what society says birth should look like. I feel the more women see what they are capable of, the more empowered they become."