Pink's Sweet Birthday Message to Her Son Is All About the Power of Superheroes

Pink is sending well wishes to her son, Jameson, on his fourth birthday! In a thoughtful Instagram post, she detailed how her son is the definition of a superhero, and we love the sentiment behind her message.

"Superheroes. They go all over the world making it a better place. They shine their light and spread joy," she captioned her post. "There isn't a room that this little boy has ever walked into that he didn't leave lighter and more joyful. I am in awe of you, Jameson Moon, and I feel lucky everyday to witness you and be your Mama. Thank you for making us better and always reminding us to smile. Happy birthday buddy."

Aw, her kiddos are growing up so dang fast! Scroll ahead in her Instagram post to see some photos of Jameson's birthday celebration.