Watch a School Principal Sing and Dance to Keep Kindergarteners Engaged in This Sweet Video

Getting kids to engage in virtual learning is no small feat. After all, adults even zone out from time to time while in Zoom meetings! Recently, a school therapist named Priscilla Aguirre shared a heartwarming video on TikTok showing spirited Principal Kenneth Deshone Farr II dancing and singing to "Action Song" by The Singing Walrus during class, and it's absolutely adorable.

"When I tell y'all I love him, that's an understatement," Priscilla captioned the sweet clip. "Co-teaching [kindergarten] with my human has been the best." As soon as she shared the video on TikTok, the likes and comments began pouring in. So far, the inspiring clip has amassed nearly 250,000 likes and 22,700 shares.

After seeing how much his efforts resonated with others, Kenneth — who works at St. David School in Richmond, CA — took to Facebook to share why he was leading the kindergarten class to begin with. "When we needed a teacher, we weren't finding the best fit, so we did what we had to do!" he wrote. "[Priscilla and I] decided that if we did this together, we would have the capacity to give our students what they need during these challenging times."